Getting Around on Android: Tools

Located in the bottom right corner of the screen, the tool button contains tools for interacting with the map and radar data. The most recently used tool is displayed on the button. To select a tool, touch and hold your finger on the tool button, then select the desired tool from the menu.

Draw Tool

The draw tool is used to add simple graphical annotations to the map. Tap on the draw tool icon to enter drawing mode, then drag your finger on the map to create your annotations. The drawing layer persists until you tap the draw tool again to exit drawing mode.

Distance Tool

The distance tool is used to measure distance between features on the map. To measure distance, tap on the distance tool icon, then drag your finger on the map between the features of interest. Once you’ve enabled the distance tool, you can adjust the distance indicator by dragging the small blue dot on the edge of the circle, or measure a different distance by tapping and dragging else where on the map. The distance tool will lock onto nearby objects such as radar, spotter, or storm report locations, making it easier to measure the distances between them. When starting from the location of the currently selected radar, the distance tool shows the estimate height of the radar beam. The distance tool can show English or metric units, according to the Use Metric Units preference in the RadarScope settings.

Inspector Tool

The inspector tool is used to determine pixel values in the radar image. To enable the inspector, tap on the inspector tool icon. The inspector will be overlaid and centered on the map. As you interact with the map, the inspector will show the value of the radar pixel immediately underneath it. When viewing radial products, the inspector includes an indicator that points in the direction of the radar.

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