Getting Around on iOS: Location


RadarScope maintains a list of custom user-defined locations for display on the map. To reveal the list, tap the blue radar ID centered above the map, then select the Locations tab. To view a location on the map and select the nearest radar, merely tap the location in the list. If you’ve never added a custom location, the list will be empty.

Adding Locations

To add a custom location, tap Add Location. Type a city name or street address into the search field and select one of the search results, or tap the location icon in the search field to specify your current location. This action will add the location to your list and select the location name for editing. You can edit the location name or just hit return to leave it unchanged.

Removing and Reordering Locations

To remove a location from the list, swipe right and tap Remove, or tap the Edit button in the lower left corner and use the red Delete buttons next to each location name. To reorder locations within the list, tap the Edit button, drag the indicator to the right of each location name to sort them in the desired order, then hit the Done button in the lower left corner.

Editing Locations

To edit a location name, tap the Edit button in the lower left corner, then tap the location you wish to change. When you’re finished editing, hit return. See the Location Details section below for editing location coordinates.

Location Details

Tap the blue info button to the right of a location name to view the location’s details, including a map preview and location coordinates. Tap the map preview to see the location and select the nearest radar. To edit the location name or coordinates, tap the Edit button in the upper right corner, then tap the field you wish to change. Tap the Done button in the upper right corner when your changes are complete.


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