Getting Around on Mac: Map Interaction

Panning and Zooming

The RadarScope map is fully interactive. You can pan and zoom via common gestures. To pan around the map, click the mouse and drag in any direction. To zoom in, double-click the mouse. To zoom out, hold down the option key while double-clicking the mouse. If you have a gesture-capable trackpad, a pinch gesture can be used to zoom. If you have a gesture-sensitive mouse or a mouse with a scroll wheel, those can also be used to zoom.


Some objects displayed on the map—including warning polygons, storm report icons, and spotter locations—offer annotations. Click on any of these objects to reveal its annotation popup. Click the gray disclosure button inside the annotation to show additional information. Click anywhere outside the annotation to close it again.

Full-Screen Mode

You can expand the RadarScope window to fill the screen by clicking the round green button on the left side of the window’s title bar. To access the menu bar in full-screen mode, move the mouse cursor to the top of the screen. To exit full-screen mode, move the mouse cursor to the top of the screen to reveal the title bar buttons, and click the round green button again.

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