July 19 Wisconsin Storm

July 19, 2019, will be remembered in many locations throughout the Upper Midwest and beyond as the day that the heat indices reached well over 100 degrees and dew points in the 80s.

In central and northeast Wisconsin, it will also be remembered for the severe, life-threatening thunderstorms – something the region doesn’t experience often. In fact, seven tornadoes were surveyed across the region that day.

Wisconsin weather reports: 7 tornadoes, 58 hail, 49 wind gusts, 170 wind damage, 11 significant hail, 9 significant wind. Total reports: 303.

As the storm set up late afternoon and rolled across portions of Minnesota and Wisconsin, a severe thunderstorm warning was issued for most of central and northeast Wisconsin. Here’s the timeline of the storm.

2:29pm CDT: Storms started firing across Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin.

KDLH Duluth VCP 212: Precip Mode. 7/19/19, 4:02pm

6:01PM CDT: Storms have grown and largely crossed into Wisconsin.

RadarScope Pro - Duluth Radar, 7/19/19, 6:01pm

8:33PM CDT: Wausau and Stevens Point are on the leading edge of the storm and experience significant damage.

RadarScope Pro: Green Bay Radar, 7/19/19, 8:33pm

10:27pm CDT: Starting to fade in intensity as it buzzed through Green Bay and across Lake Michigan.

RadarScope Pro: KGRB Green Bay, VCP 212: Precip Mode. 7/19/19, 10:27pm

Once the storm hit, residents witnessed wind gusts near 90 mph as the storm, particularly in Wisconsin. The storm caused extensive damage including causing power outages, down trees and flash flooding. Clean up continues in the area.

Downed, split tree

Uprooted tree

Trailer damage

Significant damage was seen near Mountain, WI where radial velocities indicated winds around 100 mph at the intersection of WI-94 and WI-32.

Downed trees

The storms on July 19 caused significant damage. And, this same area experienced seven more tornadoes on July 20.

Wisconsin weather reports: 7 reported tornadoes.

As of July 22, no storm-related fatalities have been confirmed. Power outages affected more than 150,000 across the state but are being restored quickly.

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