Freezing Rain, Sleet or Snow? RadarScope Can Help

During the warm weather months, you probably use WDT’s RadarScope app to watch strong storms roll in. During the winter months, however, you may be more concerned with the type of precipitation falling rather than its intensity. Either way, RadarScope has got you covered.

While looking at “SuperRes Reflectivity”, you may be wondering if what you are seeing is rain or freezing rain? The best way to figure this out is to select the “Precipitation Depiction” product. When you choose this, you’ll get our best estimate of the type of precipitation falling. Take a look at the image below. Here greens and yellows represent rain, blues indicate snow, and reds represent either freezing rain or sleet.

Precipitation Depiction

These precipitation type estimates are derived from a combination of computer model output and actual observations of precipitation type. These algorithms are exclusive to RadarScope and WDT B2B products and are extremely accurate. So, if you want to know if it is sleeting or snowing where you’re at or where you’re going, RadarScope can help.


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