How to Use the Archive Data

If you recently bought Tier 2 on RadarScope 3.4, you now have access to archive data. With this feature, you will be able to look back up to 30 days for all fields of radar data. RadarScope is the only provider on which archive data is immediately available.

Once you are viewing the data available in Tier 2, you’ll now notice that the time of your image is blue. Tap on that and a calendar will pop up. Next chose the day you want to review and slide the tab on the bottom to choose the time you wish to look at. Tap on “Select” and your archive data will be displayed. It will clearly be marked with the date and time in the brown bar at the top. To go back to current data, open the calendar back up and tap on “Live”.

How to find the Archive data on RadarScope Tier 2

Because Tier 2 is now available for cross-platform use, you can also log in to your Mac to view the archive data. The process is slightly different. When viewing a radar, click on the drop-down arrow next to the time mark in the top right. A calendar now shows up. Just choose the date you wish to view and then use the included menu to choose the time. Hit “Select” and your archive data will show up. The top right corner will now be marked as “Archive”. Click on the X to go back to live data.

rs_3.4_archive_mac copy.jpg

Now, if you missed a storm overnight you can easily go back and take a look at the data. Or maybe there was a severe weather event a few weeks ago that you would like to look at closer? Archive data makes that a simple process now.

As a final note, we’d like to remind our television broadcast users that Tier 2 features are available for use on-air without additional fee. All that’s required is display of the RadarScope logo, which is already in the output image. More information for on-air use can be found here.


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