Twitter Issues With iOS 11 Release

If you have downloaded the new iOS 11, you may have issues posting RadarScope images straight from the app to Twitter. Here’s what is going on and how to remedy the situation.

In iOS 11, Apple removed the Twitter share extension that was built in to iOS and released an update to their app that included a share extension. RadarScope chose to use it instead, provided the Twitter app was installed. The advantage to using it is that RadarScope doesn’t have to authenticate directly to Twitter. The downside is that users must have the Twitter app installed in order to post directly from RadarScope. 

Neither the share extension in iOS or the one in the Twitter app support posting animated GIFs, so we have relied on additional APIs in iOS to do that. Apple also removed those APIs in iOS 11. We implemented a workaround for this last month that requires authenticating to Twitter in order to post an animated GIF. It requires an extra step the first time you post one, and it requires that customers trust RadarScope to access to their Twitter account directly. 

We thought that would be the extent of the Twitter issues with iOS 11. We were wrong.

Last Tuesday, Twitter released version 7.7 of their iOS app. There appears to be a bug in the share extension in this update that prevents posting images. We’ve reached out to Twitter via their developer forum about it. We haven’t received a response from them. But multiple third-party developers have confirmed that they’re seeing the same bug.


What does this mean for RadarScope and iOS 11?

Here’s how it breaks out:

– Animated GIFs should work fine with the workaround we already implemented and released in version 3.5.1.

– If you don’t have the Twitter app installed, iOS 11 falls back to the system’s share extension, and posting still images from RadarScope works fine.

– If you have version 7.7 of the Twitter app installed on iOS 11, RadarScope can’t post still images.

As a workaround, you can always save a screen shot to the Photos app, then switch to your preferred Twitter app and post from there. We will keep trying to resolve this issue with Twitter and do everything we can to fix it as soon as possible.

UPDATE: Twitter released version 7.7.2 of their iOS app last night. The image sharing bug is fixed. Please download the latest version of Twitter to resolve issues.


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