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The RadarScope Users Group on Facebook is a forum for current and prospective customers to learn— from one another and us—about the app, how to use it, and how to better interpret radar and related weather information. At its best, it’s a friendly and welcoming community with a mix of beginners who want to learn, and more advanced users who want to help them. It’s not about education level or professional experience. Severe weather affects everyone. RadarScope was designed from day one to bridge the gap between the novice and expert user, making it easy to access the most commonly used features while progressively exposing new features as users grow to understand and rely on them.

We want our Users Group to live up to that ideal, but we realize it’s been falling short. So, we’re making some changes with the goal of creating a positive experience for everyone. We’re updating our guidelines for acceptable posts and comments, and we’ll be monitoring more closely to ensure they are followed. Those guidelines will evolve, but here are a few we’re starting with:

Be our guest. We administer the RadarScope forum and exercise sole discretion over its membership. You participate as our guest. We expect our guests to be friendly, kind, and respectful to one another and to us. We’re under no obligation to extend membership to anyone, including paying RadarScope customers. We’d prefer not to exclude anyone, but we will do so at our discretion in the interests of fostering a positive community.

No foul language. We welcome users of all ages, and there’s no reason why a discussion about RadarScope can’t maintain a G or least a PG rating. We’re not going to give you a list of unacceptable words. If your favorite TV meteorologist wouldn’t say it on the air, perhaps you shouldn’t say it here. Please think before you post and err on the side of caution regarding language.

Ask questions. We welcome all inquiries about RadarScope and its use. We have a catalog of blog posts and frequently asked questions on our website:

It contains the answers to many common inquiries, and we invite you to review this content before posting. But it’s always ok to ask again, and we intend to promote an environment where questions are not only tolerated but welcomed and encouraged.

Keep it relevant. This group is about RadarScope, using RadarScope, and interpreting weather data and events through RadarScope. We’ll exercise some discretion for weather-related discussions while trying to maintain that focus. If you’re posting a photo of clouds or storms, we’d prefer to see a RadarScope screenshot to accompany it. If you would like to talk about general weather topics, we recommend the Stormtrack platform.

Other Apps. Please do not promote, endorse, or advertise other apps or services. We aren’t afraid of competition, and we’re glad you have choices and alternatives in the weather space. In general, we don’t mind screenshots or mention of other products in the course of discussing RadarScope and the interpretation of imagery. We also don’t mind if you occasionally ask this group of like-minded people about related products from other companies. But if a post is blatantly advocating competing products or drifting too far off topic, it’s perhaps best directed to forums devoted to those products, and we may choose to remove it.

Reporting Bugs. You’re welcome to post about bugs or problems you encounter. Other members may be able to answer questions or help you find workarounds, and we’ll do our best to acknowledge the issues and provide updates on fixes. The best way to report a bug is to email us at Doing so creates a support ticket in our system and helps us track problems all the way through to a solution. You will always receive a response from WDT when emailing us. You may not always receive a reply if you only post to the forum. Excessive posts about bugs may be removed at our discretion. We welcome negative feedback and public criticism. But, once the point is made, we may remove additional posts to eliminate the noise and maintain the intended focus of the page. We’re motivated by a desire to create great products, not by louder or more frequent complaints. Rest assured that once we’re aware of a problem, we’re working our tails off to fix it.

Policing Content. Administration of the forum is at the sole discretion of DTN. Please refrain from correcting fellow members on any aspect of their posts or comments. It’s our job to do that, not yours. If you see a frequent question asked again and you don’t want to offer a polite answer, it’s best if you don’t reply at all. If you see something that isn’t up to our standards, please report it privately, and we’ll decide how to address it. Policing other members’ questions, statements, language, attitude, or tone won’t be tolerated, even if the other person is in the wrong. Please be patient with those who are less experienced or see things differently than you, and please allow us to address problems when they arise.

Deleting Content. If a post or comment doesn’t meet our guidelines, we may choose to remove it. We may not take the time to reach out in every case and explain why. You’re welcome to follow up privately with questions, concerns, or feedback via email to or a private Facebook message to RadarScope. But please keep it off the page.

Muting and Blocking Members. Members who violate our guidelines will be temporarily blocked from posting. Members who repeatedly violate our guidelines or ignore our requests to change their behavior may be permanently removed. When we do so, we’ll attempt to reach out and explain why, and you’re welcome to discuss it with us privately. Be advised that excessive complaints or emotion aren’t likely to help your case.

Change Happens. We may update these guidelines from time to time, either to change or to clarify them. If you have any questions or concerns, please raise them privately by emailing us at or messaging RadarScope on Facebook.

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