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RadarScope for Apple TV

Introducing RadarScope for tv

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one time
  • Everything listed in
    Android/iOS included!
  • Analyze data faster
  • Take advantage of more screen
  • Cross populate saved locations
  • Pro Tier 1 & Tier 2 ready


one time
  • Everything listed in
    Android/iOS included!
  • Analyze data faster
  • Take advantage of more screen
  • Cross populate saved locations
  • Pro Tier 1 and Tier 2: Coming soon

Pro Tier 1

Dual Pane Capability

Dual pane (example on the left) capability lets you compare two radar products side-by-side to obtain a complete understanding of the weather shown on radar.

Lightning & Radar Animation

We've animated our real-time lightning data feed in sequence with a radar animation – unquestionably the most accurate and fastest lightning information available.

Extended Playback

Radar looping for up to 30 frames of Level 2 Super Res data. Extend playback for a comprehensive look at storm trajectory.

A Closer Look

Inspector Tool helps you investigate the estimated value of the radar imagery you are viewing (wind speed, dBZ, hail size, etc.).



Pro Tier 2

All Features of Pro Tier 1 included!

30 Day Radar Archive

Access to Radar imagery from the past 30 days including Shear and Hail Contouring data.

Shear Contouring

Shear contours (example on the right) detect rotation in storms to help identify a mesocyclone, providing a better idea of where a tornado might be occurring. Emergency managers, disaster response teams, airport operators, and municipalities are frequent consumers.

Hail Contouring

Measurable hail and hail probability contours provide an estimated hail size to determine where hail may have fallen and how large it was. Roofers and insurance professionals regularly utilize hail contours to determine where hail fell. 

Multi-Platform Usability

Purchase Tier 2 and use it across 5 devices, regardless of platform.

$14.99/month or $99.99/year



Appy Awards
Appy Awards
RadarScope selected as a finalist for the 2013 Appy Awards.
The Webby Awards
The Webby Awards
Official Honoree
RadarScope was selected as an Official Honoree by the Webby Awards in the Mobile Experimental & Innovation category.
Best App Ever Awards
Honorable Mention
RadarScope received honorable mention in the 2013 Best App Ever Awards weather category.
American Meteorological Society
AMS Special Award
RadarScope app developers win AMS Special Award for important contributions to the science or practice of meteorology.


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