RadarScope v2 for Windows is Now Available

We’re pleased to announce RadarScope 2.0 for Windows has been released into the wild. This release brings feature parity to the Windows app: including lightning data, longer loops, and quad-pane display for Pro Tier One subscribers, as well as shear and hail contours, a 30-day archive, and cross-platform support for Pro Tier Two subscribers.

Pro Tier One

RadarScope Quad Pane for Windows

As on iOS, macOS, and Android, Pro Tier One must be purchased separately for Windows. Here’s how to subscribe:

1. Open RadarScope for WindowsPurchase RadarScope Pro
2. Click the settings icon in the lower left corner of the RadarScope window
3. Select the Pro tab
4. Click the green $9.99/Year button
5. Follow the on-screen instructions

Your Tier One subscription will renew automatically at the end of the one-year term.

Pro Tier Two

RadarScope 30-Day Archive for Windows

Pro Tier Two is not currently available for purchase on Windows, but if you’ve subscribed via iOS, macOS, or Android, you can use it for free on Windows by logging into your RadarScope account:

1. Subscribe to Pro Tier Two on iOS, macOS, or Android and register your purchase to create a RRadarScope Sign In for T2adarScope account. See the instructions in this blog post for details on how to complete this step
2. Open RadarScope for Windows
3. Click the settings icon in the lower left corner of the RadarScope window
4. Select the RadarScope tab
5. Enter your RadarScope account email and password, then click Sign In
6. Tier Two features are now available for use on Windows

We aren’t currently offering direct purchase of Pro Tier Two on Windows due to the way Microsoft manages multiple subscription tiers. We expect them to change how they handle these in a future Windows release and hope to offer direct purchase of Tier Two at that time.

As always, if you have any questions about Windows subscriptions or anything else, email our support team at support@wdtinc.com for assistance.

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