Advanced Settings on Windows

Advanced settings are accessible by choosing Preferences from the RadarScope menu, then selecting the Settings tab.

Show TDWRs

When enabled, you will be able to view data from Terminal Doppler Weather Radar sites in RadarScope. These radars are off by default because TDWRs require special considerations when interpreting their data. They’re optimized for specific applications in support of airports and aviation, and it’s important to understand their strengths and limitations. Please use caution when viewing TDWR data.

Show Research Radars

When Show Research Radars is enabled, you’ll be able to view data from a handful of research radars in the U.S. These radars are designed for research, testing, and education purposes. They may have different characteristics than standard operational radars and may not operate consistently. Please use caution when interpreted data from these radars.

Metric Units

When Use Metric Units is enabled, RadarScope will display most products and distances in metric units.

Use Default Share Text

When sharing images to social media, RadarScope provides boilerplate text that includes the radar ID, product, and time. Disable this feature if you don’t want RadarScope to fill in that text by default automatically.

Text Size

Use the text size slider to increase or decrease the size of the text labels displayed on the map.

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