Data Providers for RadarScope

RadarScope offers multiple data providers for radar data and some supplemental products. You can select your preferred data provider in the app settings. If one provider should experience downtime, you can switch to another as a backup until your preferred provider is back online. There are some differences in the products available from each provider, as described below.

Weather Decision Technologies (WDT)

WDT is the parent company of RadarScope and provides the default radar data feed. The WDT includes data from NEXRAD and TDWR radars in the United States, Guam, South Korea, and Okinawa, as well as Canadian radars operated by Environment Canada. The WDT feed includes super-res products for NEXRAD radars. It supports six frames for animated loops.

RadarScope Pro

Our optional RadarScope Pro subscription includes an enhanced data feed with up to 30 frames of super-res and other products. RadarScope Pro Tier 2 includes a 30-day archive of all radar products.


AllisonHouse is a data aggregation company that provides weather data to a wide variety of customers. AllisonHouse customers can use them as an alternative source for radar data. The AllisonHouse feed includes all NEXRAD and TDWR Level III products with loops up to 30 frames. It does not include super-res products or Canadian radars. If you select a super-res product or Canadian radar when using AllisonHouse as your data provider, RadarScope will automatically obtain those products from WDT instead.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

NOAA’s National Weather Services operates public access servers for radar data.

Warnings Provider

RadarScope supports two different feeds for warnings: one hosted by WDT and the other by AllisonHouse. Both feeds contain the same information and are updated once a minute.

Lightning Provider

Lightning data is available via a RadarScope Pro subscription or an AllisonHouse data plan. If you have both RadarScope Pro and AllisonHouse, you can select which provider you wish to use for lightning data. There are some differences between the two feeds. The RadarScope Pro lightning feed displays cloud-to-ground strikes. Strikes are animated in sync with the radar loop and fade out with age. The AllisonHouse lightning feed displays both cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground strikes, but it doesn’t animate with the radar.

Storm Tracks

Storm tracks are available to all RadarScope customers from NOAA’s server. If you have an AllisonHouse data plan, you can choose to obtain storm tracks from AllisonHouse instead. The two feeds are similar, but they differ in some respects. Refer to AllisonHouse’s website for details on their feed.

Premium Products

Storm Prediction Center (SPC) Outlooks and local storm reports are available via a RadarScope Pro Tier 2 subscription or an AllisonHouse data plan. If you have both RadarScope Pro and AllisonHouse, you can select which provider you wish to use for these feeds. Although they are independently produced and hosted, they’re based on the same data and update at the same frequencies.

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