What is RadarScope Pro?


RadarScope Pro is an optional subscription package available via in-app purchase. It provides additional features and data for detailed analysis of storms. There are two tiers to choose from:

RadarScope Pro Tier 1


Unlocking Tier 1 gives you access to the following:

  • Real-time non-gridded lightning data feed that animates with the radar.
  • Extended radar loops for up to 30 frames of Level 2 “super-res” data extending playback for a broader dataset.
  • Inspector tool that lets you investigate the values of the radar imagery you are viewing (reflectivity, velocity, etc.).
  • Dual-pane capability lets you compare two radar products side-by-side to obtain a complete understanding of the weather shown on radar.

RadarScope Pro Tier 2

$14.99/Month or $99.99/Year

Unlocking Tier 2 gives you access to the following:

  • All features of Pro Tier 1, listed above.
  • Archived radar data allows you to view radar imagery from the past 30 days for each available product.
  • Shear contours will enable you to detect rotation in storms to help identify a mesocyclone and provide a better idea of where there could be a tornado.
  • Hail size and hail probability contours to determine the size and location of where hail may have fallen.
  • SPC Day One Convective Outlooks.
  • Local storm reports from the National Weather Service.
  • Ability to use Pro Tier 2 across five devices, no matter their platform, through a connected RadarScope account.

RadarScope Pro subscription fees cover our costs to obtain, process, and serve radar premium data feeds, ongoing maintenance and support, regular updates to ensure compatibility with and take advantage of the latest hardware and system software enhancements, and the development of new features.


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