RadarScope for Android Wear

RadarScope for Android also runs on Wear OS, available as a companion app in the wearables section of Google Play. It provides a convenient glance at your favorite radars to see if conditions warrant opening the Android app for a closer look.


To install RadarScope for Wear OS, see complete instructions here. Please note, at this time RadarScope is not available for devices running the Tizen OS (including Samsung devices).

Getting Started

The Wear app allows you to view radar images much as you do on your Android device. The Wear app provides full touch interaction with support for panning as well as zooming via double-tap or two-finger pinch.

Locations and Radars

To view radar images in the Wear app, tap the site selection button on the left side of the screen. Just as on your Android device, the Wear app will display radar site selection buttons to allow you to choose a radar. Use panning and zooming gestures to move to your radar of interest, and then tap the radar site button to view its radar data. It may take a few seconds to load based on your Internet connection.


When viewing a radar image, tap once on the animation button on the right side of the screen. This action will load a series of images and initiate a loop. Tap again on the same button to stop the loop. The Wear app loops over the most recent six frames of radar data.

Other Layers

In addition to radar images and the standard RadarScope base map, the Wear app displays warning polygons and user-defined locations on the map. It doesn’t show other layers available in the Android app.

Product Selection

The Wear app offers a limited set of radar products, including base reflectivity, precip depiction, base velocity, and vertically integrated liquid. Long press the map to reveal the action menu, then tap Change Products and select the desired product from the list.

Untethered Use

The Wear app uses its connection to your Android phone to obtain and process data when the phone is available. When the phone is out of range or otherwise unavailable, the Wear app can receive data directly over wifi or cellular connection when those are available. It may take a bit longer to process and display data when using a direct connection.


Sometimes apps on your Wear device have trouble connecting back to your phone to retrieve data. When this occurs, it may help to either delete and reinstall the app or unpair and re-pair the Wear device to your Android phone.

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