RadarScope Accounts within Android

RadarScope Account

RadarScope Pro Tier 2 includes the option to register your purchase with us by creating a RadarScope account. Once created, you can use your account to share a Tier 2 subscription with RadarScope on other platforms. For example, if you purchase RadarScope Tier 2 on iOS and create an account, you can log into your account on an Android device or a Mac and use Tier 2 without repurchasing it. RadarScope accounts are only available to Tier 2 subscribers, and they are currently only used to sync subscription purchases across platforms. They’re entirely optional, but necessary if you wish to use RadarScope Pro Tier 2 on multiple platforms without a single subscription. RadarScope accounts support simultaneous Tier 2 use on up to five devices.

WeatherOps Account

WeatherOps is WDT’s premier decision support platform for enterprise customers. If you have a WeatherOps account, you can log into it from RadarScope to access your company asset lists and plot those assets on the RadarScope map. To learn more about WeatherOps, visit WeatherOps.com.

AllisonHouse Account

AllisonHouse is a data aggregation company that provides weather data to a wide variety of customers. AllisonHouse customers can log into their AllisonHouse account to access an alternative source of radar data as well as premium feeds for SPC watches, outlooks, Mesoscale Discussions, lightning data, and local storm reports.

Spotter Network Account

Spotter Network is a non-profit organization that provides reporting capabilities for trained storm spotters. Spotter Network members can log into their account in RadarScope to view spotter reports and locations, share their position with Spotter Network, and submit reports.

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